After 20 years of operations, SYSOL, a security company headquartered in Ciudad Juarez, is expanding into El Paso. The company already has offices in Tijuana, Hermosillo, Chihuahua, Reynosa and Monterrey and is already doing business in El Paso with Tyco Electronics and other companies.

“Our best asset is our employees,” said Yiris Hallal, SYSOL founder. “Now, it is time to expand our footprint into the U.S. and to offer the best service to our clients.”

The company is being advised by a big-name advisory board to enter the U.S. market including Washington, D.C., attorney and lobbyist Gary Compton; Nestor Sainz, an international and government relations specialist who has worked in China, Latin America and the Caribbean; and Arturo Mendiola, vice-president of Operations at NeoTech.

Also, the company recently inaugurated a new training center in Ciudad Juarez, where the local as well as the foreign employees will do testing of the new products and the upgrades as well as taking classes or having conferences.

SYSOL has more than 90 employees and handles security systems for more than 60 corporate clients, including some maquiladoras and SMart supermarkets.

-Nancy J. Gonzalez, MexicoNow, 29 de Enero de 2018