Advancing technology for its clients is only one facet of what SYSOL, the 20-year established security and IT solutions company from Mexico, brings to the table as it makes entry into El Paso. Founder and President, Yiris Hallal, a native of Sinaloa, Mexico who resides both in El Paso and Juárez, is now expanding his thriving, high-tech operation to the U.S., while overseeing offices throughout northern Mexico in Tijuana, Hermosillo, Chihuahua, Monterrey, Reynosa and the current Juárez headquarters. Offering businesses cutting-edge technology that spans sophisticated surveillance and alarm systems, voice and data networking, to innovative telecommunications and much more, SYSOL looks to become an industry leader in our area by offering the latest in tech support, while making significant contributions to our Sun City’s quality of life in the process. With the largest grocery store chain in Juárez, the well-known “S-Mart,” under its belt since the company’s inception, along with several prominent clients, SYSOL is well-positioned to do exactly that.

Pointing to his company’s two-fold agenda for operations growth and economic expansion in our city by establishing its new U.S. headquarters here, Yiris says his company’s newly and strategically founded advisory board, with its diverging yet complimentary perspectives, is a means to accomplishing exactly that and describes his agenda as, “Growing the company and providing something good for the community.”

-Veronica Nevarez, The City Magazine, Marzo 2018